How FrameWORKS

The way Framework Montessori works is pretty straightforward. As the community of memberships grow the possibilities for Montessori guides to find suitable employment grows too. As does the possibility for schools to find professional ongoing part-time and supply guides who can help to create seamless Montessori. Which is the reason why we decided to be here in the first place.

There are two main parts to framework. Guide Membership and School Membership. Montessori trained guides build a visible online profile. This profile helps to frame the guide. Who they are, what age groups they are qualified to educate, what work preferences they may have, what their special interests are and any unique talents they may have to attract a schools interest in hiring them. So far, and we’re sure we haven’t thought of everything, there appears to be a number of valid and beautiful reasons why a guide may want to pursue different possibilities. Family, Education, balancing more than one Career, Mental and Physical Health, Travel, and Lifestyle come to mind. Culture! Framework Montessori would like to help find a place for everyone. Canadian Guides searching for work who wish to Supply, work Part-time and Full-time may then have a starting place and hopefully find better ways to connect with Montessori schools within our communities.

When offering up solutions for Montessori Schools in Canada we of course did not want to be accused of re-inventing the wheel. We wanted to create a staffing solution for schools that was true to our Montessori Philosophy and have some fun doing it. We offer Montessori Schools a way to search out and hire guides listed here on this site through visible online profiles. And we offer schools a place to exhibit themselves through their own profiles. Schools will have the opportunity to create professional school profiles and post jobs for guide members to view and apply to, and possibly the opportunity may arise to strengthen relationships between existing schools within the Montessori community.

Framework Montessori would like to serve both Schools and Guides all over Canada. All of the Memberships are free! If you would like to learn how to become a guide member or school member follow the step by steps posted on the home page. Click on the Guide Members or School Members icons at the top of the Navigation Bar/Menu. This will open up the step by step instructions for what you are looking for. As our Memberships grow so do the possibilities.