Guide Members


How to become a GUIDE MEMBER?

Before you begin the approval process there are a few questions you should answer. Please take the time to consider whether this is the right place for you. If your answer is YES! to the first 3 Questions outlined below please JOIN OUR COMMUNITY! 

Question 1: Are you legally allowed to work in Canada? 

You must be residing in Canada and legally allowed to work in Canada. 

Question 2: Are you Qualified? 

You must hold an age-appropriate Montessori diploma from an AMI or MACTE accredited teacher training institute or be enrolled in a reputable Teacher Training Program? 

Question 3: Are you interested in becoming a Supply Guide or finding a Part-time/Full-time Position in a Montessori School?

Applicants must be ready to begin the process of finding work. 

Becoming a GUIDE MEMBER! Step by Step

Step 1: Go to the Home Page and click on GUIDE PROFILE.

Step 2: Create an Account. Fill in all the required fields and press the Complete Sign Up button at the bottom.

Step 3: Activate your Account. You will receive an activation email from (Be sure to check your spam folder) Once your account has become activited Framework Montessori will approve or deny membership based on the information provided.

Step 4: Approval Email. Welcome! You are an approved Member at Framework Montessori. Log In to the website and take the time to create a beautiful, personal online profile.  (At this point only you will be able to view your profile)

Step 5: Join a Group! Find the GUIDE MEMBERS drop down menu located at the top of the home page. Click to open the Province you presently reside in.  Then click to Join any Region Group within that Province. Please select only the regions you are able to travel to and wish to work in. Once you have made these selections your profile will become visible online to any other approved school or guide member.

You did it!

Welcome to our Community!