About Us

Framework Montessori

Framework Montessori was created as a staffing solution for Montessori Schools in Canada. Many schools appeared to be facing a similar problem. Inefficient access to trained Montessori guides able to supply and work part-time.

The solution that grew was the initiative to create an online meeting place where schools could have access to trained guides looking for work. A visible, online community of guide members grouped by region that membered schools could view and make contact with.  This is what Framework Montessori is.

A secondary solution grew out of the question as to whether trained guides wanting to supply or work part-time actually existed and importantly were they plentiful enough?  The part-time niche has popped up everywhere, in many different fields and industries around the world.  The idea of helping to fashion the Part-time Montessorian, having more flexible hours and multiple interests is modern and we think necessary for the guides of tomorrow and since schools have a high demand for it, it makes even more sense to build it. As a secondary solution we choose to grow a community of part-time professionals who have a way to connect, pursue common interests, discuss meaningful topics, educate one another and become realized at the school level. This is what Framework Montessori plans to do.

Framework Montessori has a very simple mission. To strengthen Montessori Community through its membership and further authentic Montessori within the classroom.  To be of service to both Schools and Guides. Want to become a guide member and become visible to schools? Click on GUIDE PROFILE and become a member. It’s free! Want to become a school member and have access to part-time guides? Click on SCHOOL PROFILE and become a school member. It’s that simple.

Become a member and have access to our Facebook members only group discussion page here: https://www.facebook.com/frameworkmontessori/

(Framework Montessori has amended this original concept. Feedback and discussion about what the Montessori Community in Canada actually needs has lead us to change ever so slightly. Guide’s may elect to Supply, work Part-time AND Full-time.)