Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I find the Confidentiality Agreement?


Q. Can I see a sample School Profile? 


Q. Can a School become a Member and not be looking to hire anyone right now?

A. Yes. Any Qualified Canadian School may become a member. As a school member you will have access to guide profiles when you need it and be able to view the information within the site. When a job opportunity becomes available at your school, please post the job and job description within your school profile. Then our guide members can see it and apply to it.

Q. Can I see a sample Guide Profile? 


Q. What if I am looking to work Full-time. Is this site right for me?

A. Any Qualified Guide looking for work may become a Member. You will be asked to make a selection of work preferences under the section titled Profile Details. Here you are able to specify your desired work choices. (Supply, Part-time, and Full-time) Many guides wanting to become full-time start out by supplying or working part-time. Part-time can be a great way to start your career, balance your life, and ultimately figure out where you want to be. When Full-time only is specified within your Profile only employers having the right fit would contact you. As well, you would be able to view any online Full-time positions advertised within the School Profiles. Whatever kind of employment you are looking for, we would like to help.

Q. Why is there a visible or invisible option for Guides? 

A. Guides become visible to School Members within the community by joining a group. The  region group(s) a guide has selected is the geographic area where you would like to work.  When you are selecting to Supply you of course must be able to get there on short notice, so be sure to think about those things. We made it possible for Guides to become invisible too. Guides become invisible simply by leaving a group. We understand that it takes time to build a profile and that guides may go through periods where they wish not to be contacted. We leave this as an option for you to decide.

Q. How do I decide which groups to join?

A. If you are a school. You are asked to join only the region your school is physically located in. When a school has more than one location, the regions would be selected based on each address. Guides looking to find work may join any region they wish to work in. (Supply guides must only join the groups they are able to get to on short notice)

Q. I am still figuring out how to use my phone. Is this process lengthy and complicated? 

A. No. Most of us are still in the learning stages of how to integrate this new culture of computer technology within our professional lives. You do not need a degree in the Digital Humanities (DH) to figure this one out. We have taken the time to explain everything as best as we can and any questions you may have will be thoughtfully and thoroughly answered via email.